Colour Grading Exercise


Colour grade 1.1Colour grade 1.2Colour grade 1.3

The grading processes that I used here were the most conservative out of all the grading I applied. I drew on the editing principles I had learned through photography editing via photoshop to play around with highlights and shadows (Grade 1.1), added warmth via white balance (Grade 1.2) and then added a curve and added a vignette (Grade 1.3). Ultimately, as the documentary I was editing was a non-fiction project, I thought it better to keep the grading quite clean and simple and went with (Grade 1.1).


Colour grade 2.1Colour grade 2.2Colour grade 2.3

As with the grading I applied with Grade 1.1, I kept Grade 2.1 quite simple as it was most suitable for the documentary I was working on. However, the challenge was making the murky-watered damn appear more vibrant and appealing despite the clouds that had rapidly formed. Here I reduced the highlights, increased the shadows, contrast and vibrance levels (Grade 2.1), increased the exposure to see what it would look like, then applied a preset (Input LUT) as it had occurred to me that I had never used them – in Grade 2.2 I used the Alexa V3 in Grade 2.3 I used the Phantom preset. I did however feel like these presets were quite harsh and gave my clips a more dramatic tone than desired.


Colour grade 3.1Colour grade 3.2Colour grade 3.3

On the day of shooting, it was slightly overcast, as such I had to keep adjusting my camera levels to suit the natural/available light. However, at the time of filming this shot of Ivy I had forgotten to do so, which resulted in the clip being slightly overexposed compared to the other clips in the sequence. My treatment for this was to reduced the highlight, the add a bit of contrast and vibrance to compensate for the greyness given off by the overcast sky (Grade 1.1).
Having enjoyed flipping through the presets (input LUT), I was curious to see if I could make them look less dramatic and more realistic. I picked the ARRI Universal preset (Grade 3.2), drew back the highlights, exposure and contrast then added some blacks as it became quite washed out (Grade 3.3) but found that I was not able to make the edit look cohesive with the rest of the documentary.


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