Final Reflections

Seoul © Nynno Bel-Air

Entering this coarse, I think I was slightly naive about how demanding and challenging it would be. Having completed both a bachelor’s degree and a vocational course, I figured a Master’s program would sit comfortably in-between, I was wrong. Rather this semester has felt like doing both a bachelor’s and a vocational course at the same time. I have really enjoyed learning the foundations of moving image through this course and while only an introduction, it has been quite insightful. For instance, I had the opportunity to learn about the importance of preproduction, having a crew of reliable individuals who are able to communicate well with eachother, securing locations and equipment ahead of time through the Fair2Wear, Lenny and vox pop projects. Aspects that I felt I struggled the most with were the reflective writing and deconstruction of movie scenes as I was unsure of what I was meant to be noticing/focussing on or if I was spending too much time discussing aspects that were less relevant to the project. Working my way through Premiere was quite time consuming and at times rather frustrating as I am quite proficient with Photoshop for editing photos and was aware of all its functions, I found myself wanting to editing my clips in ways similar to photo editing, but then couldn’t easily figure out how to do so in Premiere. However, I am aware that learning a new skill is a process, so I didn’t get too disheartened along the way.

In regards to wether this course went as expected? I would say it did – perhaps even moreso than expected due to our tutors’ interest in the subject matter and willingness to help us if we needed assistance. My goals for this semester had included learning the basic skill required to produce a short video of decent quality, how to use a video camera and Premiere software, the various crew roles and which role I am most suited to, as well as familiarising myself with the various genres and what tropes they employ. I was able to make a short film trailer, which inspired me to start planning some fictional projects to work on within the next 6 months so I can put together a show reel; I’m still struggling with the video cameras used through the course and have temporarily reverted to my Canon DSLR; I am still struggling with Premiere but with keyboard shortcuts becoming second nature and becoming more familiar with the various Premiere workspaces, my post-production flow is picking up slowly speed; I have realised that my slight control-freak tendencies, high attention to visual details and limited attention span mean that I may be more suited to dynamic roles on set – perhaps directorial or cinematography roles as opposed to camera operator or audio team; and as for the various genres and their tropes, I supposed there’ll be time for that next sememster.

Image: courtesy of ©NynnoBel-air.


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